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The Series

Book One: The Last Princess & the Cup of immortality 

Growing up in the 21st century, Vivienne is blessed with powers and gifts she does not comprehend and finds herself on a desperate and isolated journey of survival. As she turns of age the Magi rally to support her and a deadly pursuit begins to regain the stone that holds the key to immortality.

Spirited back to her birthplace, Vivienne embarks on a legendary journey and  discovers a world of stunning beauty, danger, mystery and magic. She learns of the passion and tragedy, victory and sacrifice of her ancestor, Mary Magdalene and trusts her heart to a mysterious young warrior. Through harrowing battles, Vivienne must use her formidable powers to take back a sacred relic that can save the souls of man’s ascension.


“Not since harry potter and twilight has an author created such a bewitching treat… thundering, bold, tremendously powerful.”

– RON SCHNEIDER, Founder, iRonic Books (former Business Manager, The Rolling Stones)

Riveting. Endlessly Fascinating. Whitney’s audio movie book will skyrocket audiences into a suspenseful, magical epic adventure. “You won’t want to stop listening,” says the author/producer. Truly a Goddess of all show-stoppers!

“Suspenselful… Romantic… Blockbuster Perfection.”

– RUSS REGAN, Music Legend (former President of Motown and 20th Century Records)

“Impressively Suspenseful… A Huge Sprawling Tale Of Magic,

Destiny and Immortal Love.” 

– SKYE VAN RAALTE-HERZOG, Co-founder, (former Executive, Warner Bros. Worldwide Publishing)

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Prepare for a new magical journey captured from the Fourth Century A.D. to the End of Days. Whitney’s audiobook sounds like a major motion picture follow the tale of one extraordinary family whose reign began in a time of white magic and mysticism.  

A princess reborn…A hero revealed

The Last Princess and The Cup of Immortality

Audio Movie Book Packaged Edition with 11 CD's

12.5 Hours of Entertainment

Fully immerse yourself in this ground breaking unabridged epic fantasy audio movie book adventure that sounds like a major motion picture… with Hollywood actors, lush orchestral music and special 3D effects. We promise you won’t be disappointed.  Each Chapter is completely unique with different narrators, acting, underscoring and 3D effects. Experience the raw emotion and the thrill of victory.  This innovative 3D approach to creating a “fully experiential” listening experience has raised the bar for fantasy entertainment. Indescribably rich in detail this audio movie book must be experienced in order to be believed. With special features... like original music, layered special effects and creature sounds, it’s a tantalizing treat….thundering, bold, tremendously powerful. This amazing production skyrockets you into an epic magical world… where you can’t stop listening…